Cleaning Your Car’s Fuel Injectors In 6 Easy Steps

To keep your fuel injectors performing at there best you will need to know how to clean them when the time comes. To perform this maintenance you will need a fuel injector cleaning kit and a long screwdriver which you can find at any automotive store. It is always best to follow the instructions that come with your injector cleaning kit, but these simple steps below will give you an idea on how it is done.

1)The first thing you will want to do is plug the return fuel line and disable the fuel pump or you can use a U-tube to return the fuel back to the gas tank.

2) You will want to disconnect the pressure regulator and install the injector cleaning kit to the fuel port located on the fuel rail.

3) Take off the fuel cap from the gas tank and try to start the engine. The engine should not turn over.

4) Make sure you know the fuel pressure reading that matches your car. Open the valve on the injector cleaning kit until the fuel pressure reaches the correct reading.

5) With the injector cleaning kit hooked up start the engine and let the cleaning solvent run through the fuel injectors until the engine goes off. This should take about 4-5 minutes.

6) The injector cleaning is now complete. Put the gas cap back and reset the fuel pump. Put the pressure regulator back on and start the engine. You should check each fuel injector by using a long screwdriver and putting the flat end to the injector and the handle to your ear acting like a stethoscope. If the sound you hear is like a rhythmic clicking then your fuel injector is clean and working properly.

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